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A Florida couple will have to pay a fine for displaying a Gay Pride flag in their home

A couple from Oakland Park, Florida, Bob Plominski and Mike Ferrari, have been warned of a fine of 50 dollars a day for the public display in their home of a small rainbow flag in the front garden of their house on the occasion of Pride Month Gay

The display of this flag goes against the regulations of the Eastland Cove Neighborhood Association, as explained by the neighborhood association itself and collected by local television WTVJ-TV.

The warning was sent to the two owners on June 5 as a result of a claim presented to the association and is due to its internal regulations, which obliges the owners not to display flags other than the US and military symbols.

The couple have expressed surprise at the warning, as they have displayed the same flag and banners with political messages on previous occasions without incident. “It has angered me. We have done it before,” said Plominski.

It is to show our pride to the community for 30 days, “explained Plominski, who has asserted that they will keep the flag for the rest of the month.

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