Creators on Facebook will receive more benefits for streaming for longer

Facebook announced on Tuesday that its eponymous social network and Instagram will include more tools to increase the benefits of content creators through commissions by including labels of certain products, as well as broadcasting content for a greater number of hours to earn more stars.

Mark Zuckerbeg, CEO and founder of Facebook, announced the news aimed at helping creators earn additional financial income this Tuesday at his first ‘Creator Week Event’, a three-day event focused on opportunities for content creators. Zuckerberg already expressed his intention in April to establish a market to engender a “creative middle class” and help emerging talent on Facebook.

The company has shared the news announced on its Instagram blog, where it explains that in the coming months it will begin to test a new affiliate tool by which creators can receive commissions for the products sold through the publications where they appear tagged. Brands may establish their own commission rates applicable to this service.

The company has explained that with ‘Affiliate’, as the service is called in English, users will see a text that will indicate ‘eligible for commission’ at the top of the publications where they tag products, so that users know that when they buy it they are helping the creator to take a commission from the purchase.

For now, this service will be tested with a small group of creators in the United States and with brands such as benefit, Kopari, MAS, Pat McGrath Labs and Sephora, until they expand to others in the future.

Additionally, Facebook has implemented a new way of receiving income as a creator with the so-called ‘Star Challenges’ in its main social network, in such a way that creators receive another method to earn the already existing stars, which they revert in the form of money extra.

In addition to donations from fans, creators can earn these stars for free by streaming and creating content for longer hours or by earning a specified number of stars in a particular time range.

On Instagram, creators can also receive more financial benefits starting this week by reaching certain goals using the badge system when broadcasting live content, such as creating a live broadcast together with another account.

On the other hand, creators already have a tool available globally to add a link to their personal store on their Instagram profile. Thanks to it, content creators will be able to include their store or a new store to sell their own products.

Content creators who already own a product line will be able to sell it directly to their followers by including a link on their personal profile alongside their business profile. Instead, creators in the United States will be able to create a new store and offer exclusive launches through the Instagram ‘app’, linking it with the ‘merchandising’ partners announced by the company: Bravado / UMG, Fanjoy, Represent and Spring, a novelty that will be available at the end of the year for a group of creators.

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