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New York Prosecutor’s Office opens criminal investigation against Trump’s business conglomerate

The New York Prosecutor’s Office has announced the opening of a criminal investigation against the Trump Organization, the emporium of former US President Donald Trump, since the investigations opened for possible tax crimes include the alleged commission of crimes.

The Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating possible crimes by Trump’s business conglomerate in relation to the search for loans and tax benefits, although a spokesman for the office has indicated to the US television channel ABC that the investigations are now “criminal in nature.” .

“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the investigation is no longer purely civil in nature,” said Fabien Levy, spokeswoman for New York Attorney General Letitia James.

“We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization on a criminal basis, along with the Manhattan district attorney’s office,” she stressed. The Manhattan prosecutor’s office has declined to comment on Levy’s words.

Trump criticized in February the “fascist” and “politically motivated” investigation into possible personal and emporium tax crimes, after the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal to avoid the delivery of his tax returns for the last eight years to a New York court.

In this sense, he denounced “the greatest political witch hunt in the history” of the United States. “I am going to continue fighting, as I have been doing for the last five years, even before I was elected, despite all the electoral crimes committed against me. We will win!”, He assured.

Trump has several open judicial fronts, but one of the most important is the fraud investigation that the state of New York is carrying out on the businesses of the North American tycoon, without any relation to the decisions taken since he came to power in 2016 .

Specifically, the New York Prosecutor’s Office examines possible crimes linked to the Trump Organization, the business conglomerate that Trump founded, suspected of falsifying records, tax fraud or insurance fraud.

On the other hand, James investigates four real estate projects of the Trump Organization and their failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills rugby team. The investigations are in this case civil, not criminal, but it is not ruled out that they can be diverted to the other route if indications arise.

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