Borrell says if anyone can stop the escalation between Israel and the Palestinians, it is the US, not the EU

The EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, defended this Thursday that if there is anyone who can really mediate and make the current escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians stop, it is the United States and not the Twenty-seven, which “does time “lost their ability.

In an event organized by the Elcano Royal Institute in Madrid, he once again called for an end to violence and deaths, and to those who demanded a more active role for the EU in resolving the conflict, he answered that the EU does not have “the capacity to mediation”.

“That can only be done by the United States, assuming it wants to, we are going to be realistic,” he asserted, stressing that the EU has lost its ability to influence “a long time” and currently it is “limited.”

“You cannot ask for pears from the elm,” he insisted, stressing that “the EU does not have the capacity to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine because the member states are deeply divided over the position to adopt to begin with.”

In any case, he has taken his chest out of the financial support that the EU provides to Palestinian institutions and society. “Nobody but us helps Palestine to survive,” he has argued, although he has been “aware that this does not solve the problem.”

For this reason, he has asked that this financial contribution and the humanitarian support that the EU provides to the Palestinians not be underestimated. “What would happen in Palestine if the EU was not the main funder of UNRWA (the UN agency in charge of supporting Palestinian refugees) and of all the humanitarian aid that the Palestinian people need?” He asked.

That may not “solve his political problem but his financial situation would be much worse,” Borrell stressed, assuring that in the last 48 hours he has maintained contacts with “all relevant actors” to try to stop the escalation.

“Stopping the escalation of tension that is causing an extremely high number of civilian deaths, more on one side than on the other, can only be done through the ability to pressure all that we Europeans do not have,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Borrell has lamented that for a few years “the world has looked the other way, it has wanted to forget the conflict” in the Middle East, to make of them “something that no longer interests them and does not concern them, but the problem continues. there”.

The responsibility to resolve it “is not only the EU but all international political actors who have wanted to forget the conflict thinking that forgetting it would disappear,” he stressed.


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