Mireia Belmonte: “It was time for a woman to carry the flag again”

The Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte has claimed that “it was time for a woman to carry the flag again” in an Olympic inauguration ceremony, an honor that she will share with Saúl Craviotto at the Tokyo Games, and has recognized that her appointment has been a “very emotional” moment.

“It is an honor for both of us and, as I have said many times, for me it was a dream to fulfill. In this country we are fortunate to have many athletes and many Olympic medals. For me it is an honor to be a standard bearer, to share them with Saúl to be the first in history to share the flag. It is a very emotional moment. I think we are going to represent our country well and enjoy the moment very much, “Belmonte said to the press at the COE headquarters.

The four-time Olympic medalist explained that the honor increases “even more as she is the third woman to carry the Spanish flag at the Summer Games.” “I have always said that it was time for a woman to carry the flag again because it had not happened for many years. Women are in a very good moment in women’s sports and we have to keep working and fighting,” she said.

Although she will be her fourth Olympic Games, Belmonte recalled that she has never been able to attend an opening ceremony due to calendar issues. “I can’t quite imagine how the inauguration will be, I’m a bit lost because I’ve never been to one and for me it’s a bit new. It’s a year of adapting to everything that is, not only in sports, in all of society. It will be a very nice memory and you have to enjoy it whatever the moment, “he said.

“I am fully confident that we can go immunized and that it is a safe place, especially the Olympic Village, which is where there may be more rest of contagion,” said the Catalan about the pandemic, who takes her recognition as a flag as “an extra to be much more motivated “.

“If that fifth medal can fall, I am delighted, and those that may come, too. We still do not have enough information on how these Games are going to be held, under what circumstances, if there will be a foreign audience or not … little blind, but in the end if some Games are held it is because everything is safe and if we can all go vaccinated, much better, “he concluded.

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