More than a million people sign up for ‘Obamacare’ thanks to the reopening of Biden

More than a million people have signed up to have access to low-cost health insurance, within a temporary reopening of ‘Obamacare’ with which the current US president, Joe Biden, wants to expand health coverage among citizens of fewer resources to alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden, who has announced the million dollar milestone in a statement, has defended the Affordable Care Act, reviled by former President Donald Trump, as a “lifeline” for millions of citizens. Thus, he has defended that “the pandemic has shown how much is needed”, which is why he opened a special registration period that started on February 15 and will last until August 15.

“A million more Americans do not have to stay up at night worried about what will happen to them if they or a family member gets sick,” said the president, who saw the birth of the program as Barack Obama’s ‘number two’ and now it has taken it up again within its package of measures to alleviate the social and health consequences of the pandemic.

Biden’s ‘rescue plan’ contemplates premiums for nine million Americans who could save an average of $ 50 per person per month if they obtain their insurance through ‘Obamacare’ and, according to the White House, since April 1 the The deductible portion for new coverage has dropped nearly 90 percent, “to just $ 50.”

The Government has appealed to certain minorities, such as Hispanics, to seize the opportunity to improve access to health care, admitting that the crisis derived from the coronavirus has been especially primed with disadvantaged populations.


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