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Twitter suspends multiple accounts for trying to get around Trump’s ban

The social network Twitter has suspended several accounts for trying to circumvent the ban imposed on former President Donald Trump, whose account was closed, and spreading several ‘tweets’ of the former president.

The move came after Trump announced the creation of a personal website called ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’ and features videos of the former president and statements from his political action committee (PAC). , ‘Save America’.

In a statement to the NBC television network, a Twitter spokesperson has indicated that “as indicated by the company’s policies, measures will be taken against those accounts whose purpose is to replace or promote content linked to an account that has already been suspended.”

In this sense, the company has proceeded to withdraw the accounts that alluded to Trump and sought to publicize its new platform. Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account after the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol due to the risk posed by his comments, seen as incitement to violence.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump, has pointed out that the accounts in question have not been created by the former president or with his consent. Trump’s new platform contains many of Trump’s statements since he was banned from Twitter.

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