US warns of greater “aggressiveness” and “repression” by China

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has warned that the Chinese authorities are acting with greater “aggressiveness” and “repression” at the international and national levels, respectively.

In an interview with CBS television, the head of US diplomacy has clarified that the country “has witnessed in recent years an increase in aggressiveness and repression by China.” “This is a fact,” he said.

In relation to the possible objective of Beijing, Blinken has indicated that “over time”, the Asian giant hopes “to become the most dominant country in the world”, something that the Chinese government itself believes it can achieve, according to the Secretary of State. .

Regarding a possible military confrontation with China, he asserted that “it is against the interests of both countries” to reach that point or “even think about moving in that direction.”

“Our goal is not to contain China but to push it back,” he insisted. “It is maintaining the order that China challenges,” he stressed before stating that the United States “will face anyone who endangers that order.”

Tension between the two countries has increased recently, especially due to the situation of the Uighur minority in the Xinjiang region and in relation to Taiwan.

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