President Abinader praises the Vista Cana project: A tourism master plan that will generate around six thousand jobs

“President Luis Abinader highlighted how well structured the Vista Cana Complex is and expressed the government’s support for said project.”

Vista Cana, Prov. La Altagracia.- After making the first pie to start the construction of the Panorama Lake project, President Luis Abinader praised the Vista Cana complex and offered all the support of his government for the development of that investment that he presides Venezuelan businessman Salvador Termini and Vice President Jorge Chabán.

The president highlighted that Vista Cana represents a master tourism plan with private capital of about 102 million that generates business development and, most importantly, jobs for Dominicans.

” You can no longer say that you are only Venezuelans, you are also Dominican. And we give them a cordial welcome and all the support to Venezuelan entrepreneurs and workers who for reasons that we know are in the country, we open the doors wide for them, ” the president began his speech.

Apart from Panorama Lake, within Vista Cana there are two other complexes, Panorama Garden and Panorama Luxury. All will produce more than a thousand direct jobs and more than five thousand indirect ones, according to Abinader.

“That is our objective, the creation of jobs for Dominican men and women that we have been recovering every month,” he said.
In addition, the President of the Republic congratulated the investors and developers of Vista Cana, including the Sención family and the Cohen family, for respecting the bioclimatic characteristics consistent with sustainable development with the use, in addition, of natural materials that are recoverable, Recyclable and reusable after their useful life and also powered by renewable energy sources.

Abinader also highlighted the commitment to endemic landscaping with the use of tropical species and the typical flora of the area, which “gives us a vision of how well structured the project that begins today is,” emphasizing that the place It could not be better than the natural environment offered by the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and its proximity to other spaces, shopping centers and hotels.

To end his speech, the president congratulated and thanked the businessmen and Salvador Termini, president of Vista Cana, for thinking of the Dominican Republic as the ideal country for their investments ” and for responding to the call of my Government to build together a present of mutual cooperation that I am more than convinced will be for the benefit of the development of our beloved country. ”

“I reiterate my congratulations and my full support to the Sención family, the Cohen family for believing in the country,” he added.

Abinader said that the change he has always talked about in his government is being achieved: ” A change for growth, a change for national and foreign investment and for the present development of an entire society that guarantees with our contribution, work and dedication to the best future that we can pass on to the new generations; a change with transparency, a change with support for everyone who creates work. A government that is pro-business, a government that is pro-employment, a government that is pro-sustainable development because that is how we are going to achieve true social and economic development in the Dominican Republic. ”

‘”You have a friendly government that will always be by your side to develop the Dominican Republic. May God bless you all.”

About Vista Cana
VISTACANA is a gated community in the Dominican Republic, located just 10 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport and 5 minutes from the most beautiful turquoise beaches in the Caribbean.

VISTACANA is designed to be a smart city with a mix that will include exclusive residential communities, schools, hotels, business and shopping centers, and other amenities. These include an executive golf course, nature trails, parks, play areas, dog park (dog park), a sports complex, and a man-made lake with a beach for swimming, fishing, and other activities. Everything offers a contemporary lifestyle with an ecological mindset.

Residents and visitors of all ages will enjoy a unique living experience in an environment that combines modernism and vibrant Caribbean culture.

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