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Hong Kong and Singapore establish a travel “bubble” with strict vaccination conditions

Hong Kong citizens will be able to travel to Singapore through the new travel “bubble” that will be established between the two territories, with the requirement that they have received the coronavirus vaccine two weeks before the trip, a condition that will not apply. in the case of travelers who make the reverse journey.

This “bubble”, which has been delayed for months due to the incidence of the pandemic, will be effective as of May 26, thanks to the agreement reached by the authorities, which establishes a daily flight in each direction with capacity for 200 travelers.

If the coronavirus situation remains stable, it will be expanded to two flights per day from June 10, on the other hand, if the daily average of untraceable coronavirus cases in a week reaches more than five, the ” bubble “for two weeks, reports ‘South China Morning Post’.

As for Singapore, it adds 61,006 infections and 30 deaths from the coronavirus.

For their part, the Chinese authorities have confirmed that Hong Kong accumulates 11,736 COVID-19 infections, including 209 deaths and 11,354 patients who have recovered.

As for the full report of the Chinese Ministry of Health, it has confirmed 29 new positives of COVID-19, of which 11 have presented symptoms, detected three in Yunnan, two in Shanghai and Sichuan, respectively, while Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Shaanxi have reported one case each.

So far, 5,601 imported cases have been registered, of which 5,336 have been discharged and 265 remain hospitalized, while the number of accumulated cases rises to 90,599, including 311 who are still under treatment -four of them in serious condition- – and 85,652 recovered.

In China, 4,636 people have died from the disease, after months without regretting any deaths from the coronavirus.

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