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The Dominican president disfigures the “hoarding” of vaccines, contrary to “any notion of solidarity”

During his speech at the XXVII Ibero-American Summit, the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, has regretted the “hoarding” of vaccines against COVID-19 by the most developed countries and has pointed out that Latin America does not advocate for “charity” , but for an “alliance for the development” of all.

Abinader, who attends the forum organized by Andorra in person, has highlighted that “the universality of the disease and the crisis have strengthened the interconnection in the world”, but at the same time has shown an inequality that would be especially palpable in obtaining the vaccines.

“We have observed in the more developed countries hoarding policies” that deny “in a regrettable and unfair way” the drugs to less developed areas, “in contradiction with any notion of human solidarity”, according to Abinader, who has alluded to the pandemic as one of the great current challenges.

The Dominican president has defended that his government has made “enormous efforts” to alleviate the effects not only of the health crisis, but also the economic crisis, with an eye toward fighting inequality and avoiding what has come to be called a “great stress of democratic governance “.

Abinader, who has opted for a “renewed multilateralism”, has regretted that Latin America has not known how to row together in recent years as a result of a “crisis of regionalism”, something that he hopes to revert to other great challenges such as technological transformation, development of the welfare state or the climate “emergency”.

On this last point, he stressed that “the world has reached a turning point that forces us to consider another development model: fair, green and sustainable.” “We will succeed together or we will fail separately,” he warned, referring to the fight against climate change.

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