Apple starts rejecting apps that collect the phone’s fingerprint without consent

Apple has begun to reject applications that include ‘Adjust SDK’, a set of tools that allow access to the fingerprint of the mobile phone generally for commercial purposes.

Apple has long urged developers to adapt their applications to the so-called Tracking Transparency feature, whereby they must ask users for permission to be able to track and share their identifiers of advertisers (IDFA).

Now, and as reported by analyst Eric Seufert to 9to5Mac, it has also begun to reject application updates that contain ‘Adjust SDK’.

This tool allows applications to monitor the user through what is called a ‘fingerprint’, which is obtained from data such as the mobile phone model or the IP address, among others. With it you can perform audience analysis for advertising purposes.

The analyst points out that ‘Adjust SDK’ does not have the option to request consent from users, so it does not meet the requirements of the monitoring transparency function, although its manager has shared some alternatives to be able to fulfill the function card.


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