Biden signs economic stimulus package against coronavirus before his address to the nation

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has signed this Thursday the law that contains the economic stimulus package of 1.9 trillion dollars (1.6 trillion euros) hours before the speech to the nation that he plans to give.

Biden is one day ahead of schedule, but will still hold a ceremony next Friday in which he will make a formal signing with members of Congress.

The new stimulus package, one of Biden’s main promises in the campaign, includes checks for $ 1,400 (1,175 euros), higher unemployment benefits and funds to increase the distribution of vaccines and to reopen schools.

Although Biden’s ambition was to get the package approved with votes from both parties in a show of restraint, it has finally been approved with only the affirmative vote of Democrats in both houses.

However, after the signing, the US president has defended in a comment sent to the press that the law has “overwhelming support” from American society and that it is about “rebuilding the backbone of the country.”

Likewise, it has also renounced the increase in the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour (12.5 euros) to ensure the votes of the more moderate Democrats, although this Thursday the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has assured that the party remains committed to approving it in the future, according to Fox News.

Among the sectors that will receive these funds, is the health that will receive 14,000 million dollars (11,700 million euros) for the distribution plans of the coronavirus vaccine and another 49,000 million dollars (41,000 million euros) for tests of detection and tracking and protection equipment.

Secondary education centers, with 40,000 million (33,000 million euros), schools, 125,000 million dollars (105,000 million euros) and public transport, which will receive 30,000 million (25,000 million euros), are other economic areas that will benefit of the plan.

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