YouTube advises that Trump’s channel will be restored when the risk of violence decreases

The YouTube channel of former President of the United States Donald Trump will be restored when the risk of violence and incitement to it diminish, according to the executive director of the platform, Susan Wojcicki.

“There is still a high risk of violence,” he said, to indicate that the profile of the tycoon will be unlocked in accordance with current YouTube policies, which, in turn, will be based on a set of indicators to assess the level of violence reports CNN.

Specifically, Wojcicki has stressed that the ex-president’s account will also continue to be suspended due to concerns this week about possible new attacks on the Capitol, after the Police alerted about a “possible plot” by a group of militias to assault the building this Thursday.

When the channel is restored, its content will have to be subject to the platform’s policies, and in the event that Trump violates the rules again, his profile will be removed again, the executive director recalled.

YouTube suspended Trump’s channel on January 12 for violating his policies against incitement to violence. On the same dates, Twitter and Facebook, among other platforms, also deactivated the accounts of the former president due to the disturbances of the assault on the Capitol.

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