China’s president considers extreme poverty eradicated

The president of China, Xi Jinping, has announced the eradication of extreme poverty in the Asian giant, a “miracle” that he has attributed largely to his eight years in office and with which he aspires to vindicate himself before the end of his second mandate.

During a ceremony in Beijing, Xi explained that the country has invested nearly 1.6 trillion yuan (more than 200 billion euros) in measures to eradicate poverty over the past eight years. In this time, each year more than ten million people have left the vulnerable area, which has translated into a definite relief for almost 99 million people living in rural areas.

Xi has also assured that, since China launched its reform process more than four decades ago, some 770 million citizens have stopped being poor, although he has warned that exceeding a certain income threshold “is not the goal line. but the starting point of a new life. “

The president has claimed that China has made history with these milestones, to the point of serving as an “example” for other countries and having made “great contributions to alleviating poverty at the global level,” according to official media.

The authorities raised the line that marks the poverty line to 4,000 yuan (507 euros) a year in 2020, far from the 2,625 established in 2012. Although it exceeds the ratio set by the World Bank, the Organization for Cooperation and The Economic Development (OECD) prefers to consider poor anyone who lives with half the income of the average, which in the case of Chinese rural areas would be 7,500 yuan (952 euros), according to the Bloomberg agency.

The event organized this Thursday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, which has included recognition of those involved in the campaign against poverty and has been broadcast throughout the country, recalls the one that was already organized in September 2020, when China sang victory against the 2020 pandemic.

Xi vindicates himself with these types of gestures as the leader that China needs, at a key moment because in 2022 he expires his second term as president. Few doubt at this point that he does not want to aspire to a third party, something to which he has the right since the Constitution was modified in 2018.


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