GameStop CFO resigns

Jim Bell, current executive vice president and chief financial officer of GameStop, will leave his positions at the company on March 26, as reported by the video game store chain that was the protagonist of the rebellion of retail investors organized through Reddit forums against funds. bassists.

In this way, GameStop, with the help of a firm specialized in executive search, has begun the process of selecting a new CFO with the capabilities to drive the transformation of the company, which will take into account both internal candidates as external.

In the event that a permanent replacement is not found by the date set for Bell’s departure, the company will appoint Diana Jajeh, current vice president and chief accounting officer for the company, as interim chief financial officer.

GameStop shares staged a dizzying climb at the beginning of the year, which led the value to multiply in price from $ 2.57 to $ 483, after thousands of individual investors coordinated through a forum on the Reddit platform decided betting on the company against the bearish positions of various hedge funds, causing multi-million dollar losses to several of these firms.

GameStop shares are currently trading at $ 44.97, more than 90% below the highs reached during the ‘revolution’ against bear funds.

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