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The United States returns to the Paris Agreement after Biden’s commitments

The United States is once again part of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, a milestone with which the Joe Biden Administration intends to mark distances with the previous Government, led by Donald Trump, both on environmental issues and positioning within of the international community.

“We can no longer delay or do the minimum to address climate change. This is a global existential crisis,” Biden stressed during his speech this Friday at the Munich security conference via videoconference, according to NBC.

“We will all suffer the consequences if we fail. We have to quickly accelerate our commitments to curb our emissions and hold others accountable for missing targets,” he said.

Biden signed on January 20, the same day he arrived at the White House, the instrument that laid the foundations for the return of the United States to the most ambitious global environmental agreement to date. When it was negotiated in 2016, Biden was the vice president of the United States and Barack Obama’s right-hand man.

“Today is the day”, the US Administration’s special envoy for the climate, John Kerry, has proclaimed hours before, who has stressed on Twitter the importance of “global efforts”. “No country can fight this fight alone,” he warned.

For his part, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has argued that the Paris Agreement “is an unprecedented framework for global action”, key to “avoiding catastrophic global warming” and alleviating the impacts of climate change that ” we are already seeing. “

“Tackling the real threats of climate change and listening to our scientists is at the center of our domestic and foreign policy priorities. It is vital in our discussions on national security, migration, international health efforts, and in our economic diplomacy and trade talks.” has added.

Biden has convened a summit of world leaders for April 22 to discuss precisely this challenge; forum that will serve as a preamble to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that will host Glasgow in November.

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