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A majority of Americans, supporters of a conviction against Trump in the Senate

56 percent of Americans are in favor of the Senate condemning Donald Trump for inciting the insurrection, a majority that nevertheless hides the support that the New York tycoon continues to enjoy among his voters and among supporters of the Republican Party, according to a poll.

In general terms, 44 percent of the people interviewed in this poll, published by CBS News, are against Trump being convicted and, therefore, disqualified from running for the presidency of the United States in the future.

The data shoots to 83 percent if only the followers of the Republican Party are taken into account and to 92 percent among those who recognize that they voted for Trump in the November elections, in which Democrat Joe Biden prevailed.

Among those who defend the conviction, the impeachment trial that starts this Tuesday is a way to hold Trump accountable and a defense of American democracy after the assault on the Capitol on February 6, while those who advocate acquittal see it as “unnecessary.” and a “distraction”.

56 percent, the same percentage of those who want Trump convicted, believe that the former president encouraged violence at the headquarters of Congress, although among Democrats the proportion increases to 88 percent and this falls to 21 percent in the republican ranks.

The poll, prepared by the YouGov firm from 2,508 and with a margin of error of 2.3 percentage points, shows that the bulk of Republican voters remain loyal to Trump, to the point that more than seven out of ten see It is “important” that party senators remain “loyal” to the former White House tenant.

This message of loyalty, however, contrasts with the willingness shown by a large number of Americans when asked about the possibility of joining a hypothetical third party founded by Trump. One in three openly answers “yes” and 37 percent bet on “maybe”.

“We’ll be back somehow,” Trump promised in his last public speech, hours before Biden’s inauguration and before heading to Florida, where he remains out of the public eye.

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