Trump turns his back on the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild on possible expulsion

Former US President Donald Trump has left the Actors Guild of America in response to a vote by the organization’s Disciplinary Committee to expel him for allegedly inciting the insurgency during the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

“I am writing to you today regarding the so-called disciplinary hearing aimed at revoking my union membership. Who cares!” Trump said in a letter to Screen Actors Guild president Gabrielle Carteris. Thus, he has said that he is very “proud” of his work in films such as ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Zoolander’ and has stressed that he no longer wishes to be associated with the union.

The union, for its part, has simply limited itself to thanking him, although the New York tycoon has used the letter to say goodbye to the television networks CNN and MSNBC and has taken “credit” for reviving the television format during the Presidency of him.

“I also helped a lot in the cable news business (which was supposedly a dying platform with a short time to live until I got involved in politics), and I have created thousands of jobs at networks like MSDNC (sic) and Fake News CNN , among many others “, has asserted.

In closing, he has accused the Screen Actors Guild of doing little more than collecting fees and promoting “dangerous and anti-American policies and ideas.”

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