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A part of the Republican Party rises up against Trump to end his “poisonous conspiracies”

Republican Congressman from Illinois Adam Kinzinger has launched a new “movement” within the party known as ‘Country First’ with the goal, he said, of ending the “poisonous conspiracies and lies” that characterized the administration of former President Donald Trump.

“The Republican Party has lost its way. If we are going to lead again, we need to muster up enough courage to remember who we are,” Kinzinger said in a video posted on the “movement” ‘Country First’ website.

Kizinger, who has also warned that the future of the party “is at stake,” assures that he was not surprised by the, in his opinion, derived from the conservative formation, since “he had been observing the rhetoric that led to that day.” in reference to the attack on the Capitol carried out by Trump supporters.

“It was something that happens in a failed nation or in a banana republic; not in the largest nation the world has known,” he stressed. “We have to do some difficult things, but after all, in history it stands out for moments like these.”

The Kinzinger campaign is the next step for a faction of the Republican Party unhappy with the drift that has taken the formation after four years of Donald Trump as head of the White House.

The Illinois representative was one of the ten who skipped party discipline by voting in favor of the impeachment against Trump launched by Democrats in the House a month ago.

In a recent interview for CNN, Kizinger has questioned his future within the party, after some of his colleagues have received pressure from the top after their support for the Democratic proposal to prosecute Trump for “insurrection.” and “encouraging riots” on January 6.

“I did it knowing very well that it could be very detrimental to my career,” he said on that occasion, coinciding with the criticism that the Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, Liz Cheney, the third highest ranking within the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, received by some colleagues, who demanded his resignation after supporting the ‘impeachment’.

The United States House of Representatives, with a large Democratic majority, approved on January 13 to initiate an ‘impeachment’ against Donald Trump, in a vote in which up to ten Republicans gave their support.

However, the slim majority that the Democratic Party has in the Senate – it can only be reached with the tiebreaker vote of Vice President Kamala Harris – forces them to have at least the support of 17 Republican senators so that the initiative of ‘impeachment’ can succeed.

Trump will become the first president of the United States to be subjected to two such trials after he was acquitted in February 2020 after being accused of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for pressuring Ukrainian leaders to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter for their business activities.

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