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Biden’s team claims to be prepared for “any kind of scenario” during the inauguration

The team of the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, has acknowledged in recent hours that he feels some “concern” regarding the inauguration of the new head of the White House this Wednesday, although he has also assured that he is working to be prepared for “any kind of scenario”.

“We are in volatile times, so we are making preparations,” said who will be the next director of communication for the White House, Kate Bedingfield, during a dialogue with the ABC network.

Bedingfield has confirmed that in the coming days they will manage with the security team of the outgoing administration the necessary preparations to be prepared for “any type of scenario” that may occur during the inauguration of Biden.

“I think it will send an incredibly important picture to the world about the resilience of American democracy. So our plan and our expectation is that President-elect Biden will lay his hand on the Bible with his family, out on the west side of the Capitol, “Bedingfield confides.

The attack on the Capitol at the beginning of the month by a mob of exalted supporters of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has raised alarms among the authorities, strongly criticized in recent days due to the poor security that the headquarters displayed of the Legislative Power that day, in which a session was held to confirm Biden’s victory in the elections.

Some 21,000 National Guard personnel have already been deployed to Washington and several streets around the Capitol have already been closed. The FBI, which has established a specific office to evaluate possible threats, has so far identified some 200 suspected of participating in the violent acts of January 6 and has arrested another hundred.

Among those arrested is Lonnie Coffman, accused of driving a pickup truck full of Molotov cocktails and other weapons, including an assault rifle, several machetes, smoke bombs, pistols and even a crossbow, to Washington from his home in the woods of Alabama, have detailed American media.

The low profile of Coffman, a 70-year-old man with no criminal record or social networks in which to record his intentions, represents one of the great difficulties that security agencies face these days, which have it less complicated with far-right groups, more used to publishing their intentions on the Internet.

Bedingfield also said that after Biden was sworn in as president of the United States “he will work to try to turn the page on the division and hatred generated during the last four years” and has promised “decisive measures to reverse some of the most heinous movements in the Trump Administration. “

Among those measures is his ambitious economic aid plan against the coronavirus valued at almost two billion dollars, which Bedingfield hopes can be carried out because not only “there is bipartisan support in its main axes”, but also “arose as a result of consultation with “Republican and Democratic” governors across the country. “

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