The rioters on the Capitol wanted to “capture and assassinate” the legislators, according to US prosecutors.

The woman who traveled by private jet to the assault and two policemen, new defendants

Facebook will block events near the Capitol that are scheduled for the 20th

The US prosecutors have affirmed this Friday that the intention of the supporters of the president, Donald Trump, who stormed the Capitol during the certification of the victory of Joe Biden in the elections was to “capture and assassinate” the legislators.

This has been done in a judicial file, collected by the CNN television network, with which they sought to keep in custody Jacob Anthony Chansley, one of the participants in the assault who was dedicated to group people inside the Capitol using a megaphone .

According to information from the Capitol Police, included in the file, the appearance of Chansley, known as the shaman of QAnon, was “remarkable” because he wore a headdress, wore face paint and carried a spear that measured two meters long. In disguise, Chansley has become one of the most iconic figures of the assault.

“Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions on Capitol Hill, supports that the mob’s intent was to capture and assassinate legislators,” prosecutors have noted in their brief.

At a press conference, questioned about the possibility of people seeking to take United States legislators hostage or assassinate them, the attorney general of the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, has indicated that the authorities “have no direct evidence of search and murder teams. “

In addition, Sherwin has transferred that investigators have opened 275 cases to find individuals related to the incident, either for violent behavior outside or inside the Capitol. In this regard, he added that this number could easily rise to over 300 “soon.”

While the investigation continues, the Justice continues to file charges against some of the assailants whose identification was facilitated by the content they uploaded to social networks.

This is the case of Jennifer Ryan, the Texas woman who traveled by private plane to Washington to participate in the assault, and who documented the entire process in her public profiles.

According to NBC, in one of the videos that Justice has been able to access, despite the fact that Ryan deleted it, the woman claimed that “they were going to break into the Capitol” and asked her followers to “wish her luck.”

In another, she claimed that what happened “was the prologue to the war that is about to break out.” She also recorded herself ensuring that she would enter the Capitol “dead or alive.”

Ryan has been charged with “public disorder on the Capitol and entering and staying in a restricted-access building without being given entry.”

Two Virginia Police Officers have also been charged, one of them a member of the National Guard, who has become the first service member to be charged with the assault.

To prevent possible similar acts during Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday the 20th, Facebook has announced that it will block events that are organized in the vicinity of the Capitol that day.

This same Friday, the FBI announced the arrest in Florida of Daniel Baker, an ex-Air Force paratrooper, who was actively recruiting other people to act with violence in a protest in front of the Florida Capitol this Sunday.

Baker had fought the Islamic State alongside Kurdish militias in Syria in 2017, claimed to be “a trained sniper” and had tried to buy weapons in the past two days, according to the US Security Forces.

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