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Nine out of ten Americans reject the assault on the Capitol

Nine out of ten Americans reject the January 6 attack on the Capitol and seven out of ten believe that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has at least some responsibility for what happened, according to a new poll published this Friday by ABC News and the ‘Washington Post’.

In the same poll, a majority of those consulted (56 percent) have been in favor of the new impeachment trial to which Trump is being subjected if it culminates in his disqualification from holding an elected position in the future.

Likewise, 54 percent are in favor of Trump being charged with inciting the insurrection in his previous speech before the assault; “irresponsible” behavior in the opinion of 66 percent of those surveyed.

Half of the participants in the poll, 51 percent, believe that the Capitol events have weakened the stability of democracy in the country, but only 20 percent have declared themselves pessimistic about what the future holds for the model of government in the country.

In fact, 62 percent of those consulted do not believe Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud and 63 percent maintain their confidence in the voting system.

It should be noted that among those consulted identified as Republican voters, the numbers vary substantially: 65 percent of those surveyed belonging to this sector do perceive solid evidence of fraud, even though the vast majority of complaints have been annulled in court. .

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