This is the start menu of the Windows 10X operating system

Windows 10X, the version of Windows designed to take advantage of the flexibility offered by the cloud, will have a different user experience than the normal version of Windows 10, as shown in the images of a new build.

The Verge senior editor, Tom Warren, has shared a short video of the near-final build of Windows 10X, which shows the boot on a new computer with this version, the main screen and the start menu , which allow you to see what the user experience will be like.

The aesthetics shown in this version is different from that seen in Windows 10, and stands out for being simpler and more direct. A bottom bar with four icons allows you to open the start menu, settings, the Microsoft store, the browser and the notification and quick settings window.

Windows 10X was introduced at the end of 2019, initially as the version of Windows 10 dedicated to the new product category of devices with two screens, but the company rethought its development and announced that it would be aimed at new equipment to take advantage of the potential of the cloud.


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