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The Embassy in Washington advises Spaniards to be cautious until after Biden’s inauguration

The Spanish Embassy in Washington has recommended “caution” to citizens who are going to visit the capital of the United States or other state capitals in the coming days after the authorities of the country have warned of possible protests and incidents in relation to the taking of possession of Joe Biden on January 20.

“Security warning to Spaniards: until next January 21, caution is recommended when visiting DC and state capitals and following security recommendations from local authorities,” the Embassy pointed out on its Twitter account.

The FBI has alerted this week to the rest of the authorities and federal agencies of the possibility of “armed protests” in the different state capitals during the days before Biden’s inauguration on the steps of the Capitol in Washington on January 20.

The warning came after supporters of the president, Donald Trump, stormed the Capitol on January 6 while the ceremony was being held to ratify Biden’s election, with a balance of five dead, including a police officer.

The events, which have shocked the country and the rest of the world, led this Wednesday to the opening of a second impeachment process against Trump, accused of “incitement to insurrection” for his role in the assault on the Capitol. The vote ended with 232 votes in favor, including those of ten Republican congressmen, and 197 against.

Washington, and also the Capitol, are already armored for Biden’s inauguration, whose celebration will be reduced and limited due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the part of Spain, as has been confirmed by Europa Press in diplomatic sources, the ambassador in Washington, Santiago Cabañas, will attend.

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