The National Guard will deploy 15,000 military personnel on the day of Biden’s inauguration


The head of the United States National Guard Office, General Daniel Hokanson, has announced that they have received authorization for the deployment of 15,000 military personnel for the inauguration of the country’s president-elect, Joe Biden, on January 20 in Washington. .

Some 6,200 members of the National Guard are currently mobilized in response to the assault on the Capitol by supporters of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, on January 6, and it is expected that by January 16 there will be 10,000 members of the federal capital in the federal capital. National Guard.

The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, had asked the Department of Homeland Security on Monday to strengthen security around the Capitol ahead of the inauguration session of President-elect Joe Biden.

After the assault, the mayor has sent a letter to the acting secretary of National Security, Chad Wolf, to whom she has requested to extend the special security devices until January 24.

“We believe that the presidential inauguration on January 20 requires a very different approach from previous similar ceremonies due to the chaos, injury and death experienced in the United States Capitol during the episode of insurrection” last Wednesday, he said.

The assault carried out by supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol Police officer. Since then, Bowser has insisted on the importance of opening an investigation into the police response, which she has been called into question after what happened.

Bowser has also requested that the FBI “present a dossier on possible threats and intelligence information on a daily basis” between January 11 and 24, according to information from the Politico news portal.

Likewise, she has recommended to the Department of National Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, Congress and the Supreme Court that they implement a “security plan at the federal level.” For her, this would allow the local police “to focus on their mission.”

These security recommendations, she has said, “are essential to demonstrate our collective resolve and ensure that the constitutional transition of power goes ahead.”

The mayor had already issued an order days ago to extend the state of public emergency and the curfew in the US capital for 15 more days, coinciding with the inauguration.

Trump’s alleged incitement to violence has resulted in increased pressure for him to leave office before the inauguration ceremony, which will take place precisely on the steps in front of the Capitol. In addition, she has led to the opening of a political trial or ‘impeachment’ against Trump for “incitement to insurrection.”


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