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The pandemic is close to 84 million infections after registering almost 540,000 cases in the last hours

The coronavirus pandemic is approaching 84 million global infections after registering another 545,000 positives worldwide in the last 24 hours, according to the latest data published by Johns Hopkins University.

Thus, it has indicated that during the last day 539,326 cases and 9,424 deaths have been confirmed, bringing the total to 83,979,200 infections and 1,827,796 fatalities.

Regarding the people who have recovered to date from COVID-19, the figure has exceeded the 47 million threshold in recent hours, with 47,300,295, and with India as the country with the most patients cured, with almost 9.9 million.

The United States continues as the most affected country in total figures, with more than 20 million cases and 347,865 deaths, followed by India, with 10,286,709 cases and 148,994 deaths, and Brazil, with 7,700,578 cases and 195,411 deaths. Russia, the fourth country with the most infections, with 3,153,960, has confirmed 56,798 deaths.

In fifth place in number of cases is France, with 2,697,014 infections and 64,892 deaths, followed by the United Kingdom, with 2,549,689 positives and 74,237 fatalities. They are followed by Turkey, with 2,220,855 cases and 21,093 deaths, and Italy, with 2,129,376 infections and 74,621 deaths.

In the range of one million cases are Spain (1,928,265), Germany (1,762,733), Colombia (1,654,880), Argentina (1,629,594), Mexico (1,437,185), Poland (1,305,774), Iran (1,231,429), Ukraine (1,101,893), South Africa (1,073,887) and Peru (1,015,137).

Below this threshold but above 500,000 infections are the Netherlands, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Chile, Iraq, Canada and Bangladesh, while Pakistan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Morocco, Sweden, Israel and Portugal have exceeded the barrier of 400,000 cases.

Likewise, in the range of 300,000 cases are Austria, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Hungary, while in the range of 200,000 are Jordan, Nepal, Panama, Japan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Croatia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Above 100,000 positives are Belarus, Slovakia, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Denmark, Bolivia, Armenia, Kuwait, Moldova, Qatar, Lithuania, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Guatemala, Oman, Burma, Ethiopia, Slovenia, Honduras, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paraguay and Libya.

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