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Biden accuses Trump of blocking the transfer of power in the US

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, has accused the current tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, of imposing restrictions to carry out an effective transfer of power after the presidential elections of November 3.

In this sense, he has specified that the outgoing Administration is putting “obstacles” to a “smooth” transition of power, especially in matters related to the defense of the country, according to information from the CNN network.

“Right now we are simply gathering all the information we need from the outgoing Administration regarding national security issues,” Biden said, calling it a matter of “irresponsibility.”

Trump, for his part, refuses to acknowledge his defeat in last month’s election and has insisted that electoral fraud occurred. In addition, he has decided not to meet with Biden and it is not clear that he will do so before the scheduled day for him to be sworn in, in January.

Traditionally, administrations collaborate with the team of the candidate who wins the elections to carry out a smooth transfer of power, especially to preserve national security.

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