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Chavismo obtains 67% of the votes in parliamentarians with a scant 31% participation

Guaidó assures that the results are a “fraud” that had been “manufactured” for “days”

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela has reported in its first newsletter that the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar (GPPSB) of the president, Nicolás Maduro, has obtained just over 67 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, once 82 of the electoral records have already been scrutinized.

The president of the CNE, Indira Alfonso, has detailed that 3.5 million Venezuelans have voted for Chavismo, although the participation has been 31 percent, which represents a little more than 5.2 million voters, of the most of 20.7 million who were eligible to vote.

Alianza Democrática, the collation of parties opposed to the Government of Nicolás Maduro has obtained almost 18 percent of the votes, Venezuela Unida, just over 4 percent, while the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), 2.73 percent. hundred.

“We have a new National Assembly,” President Maduro has proclaimed shortly after the first results offered by the CNE were known, which have meant, he said, “a tremendous and gigantic electoral victory” for Chavismo.

“Today five years later, knowing everything that Assembly did against the people, coups, calls for interference, for sanctions, we have a new National Assembly,” Maduro said.

“We know how to win and lose, today we had to win, today the people of Venezuela had to win. A change of cycle is coming, a positive, virtuous cycle of work and recovery, with sovereignty and in peace. Let no one get involved in the Venezuelan affairs, we know how to resolve our problems with the popular vote, “he emphasized.

For its part, the opposition, which hours before the first results were announced had been accusing the Government of being “fabricating the results”, has affirmed that “the fraud has been consummated” and that the “rejection of the Venezuelan people to these elections have been evident “

“The majority of Venezuela has turned its back on Maduro and his fraud that began months ago. Maduro and his regime have lost popular support,” said opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who has accused the Government of Caracas of “extorting” the Venezuelan people with “hunger and need.”

“They know that they would never win a free election, we all know that the results had been prepared for days, false CNE, false candidates, false opponents. Sung results,” he said in a speech broadcast on social networks.

“There will be no solutions as long as Maduro continues to usurp functions,” said the one who will cease to be president of the National Assembly as of next January 5.

Guaidó has assured that these elections will not allow the Government to “ease the pressure measures” that it faces, since “until there is democracy, the crisis will only deepen,” which is why he has asked all the detractors of Maduro, including the international community, to continue the pressure.

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