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The coronavirus pandemic registers 678,000 new global cases and touches 66 million infections

The United States breaks a new record of daily cases with more than 227,000 infections

The new coronavirus pandemic has registered more than 678,000 new cases around the world in the last 24 hours, very close to the record of 690,000 on Friday, reaching 66 million global victims, and another 12,410 deaths, according to the balance published this Saturday at Johns Hopkins University.

With the 678,401 cases registered on the eve, total amounts to 65,925,374 infections, while the global number of deaths stands at 1,519,050. More than 42.3 million people have managed to overcome COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

The United States has registered in recent weeks the worst case data of the entire pandemic and computes in this balance more than 227,000 positives and 2,607 deaths, its new daily record of infections, with a total of 14.3 million infections. Deaths from COVID-19 on US soil amount to 278,932.

India, on the other hand, continues with the downward trend in the rate of infections in recent weeks, although it already exceeds 9.6 million cases and accumulates 139,700 deaths. The Asian country is the one that has registered the most recoveries to date, more than 9 million.

Brazil remains in third position in this classification, which is configured based on data from 191 countries and territories with coronavirus cases. The South American giant has registered more than 6.5 million cases and 175,964 deaths.

After several days in which it has added more than 25,000 cases, Russia remains in the fourth global position, with a total of 2.38 million infections and 41,370 deaths. In France there are 2.3 million people infected and 54,589 fatalities.

The United Kingdom overtakes Spain and ranks as the sixth country most affected by the pandemic, with 1.69 million infections and 60,714 deaths, after adding more than 16,200 positives in the last day.

Italy has also surpassed Spain in the last hours. The transalpine country registers 1.68 million infections and 58,852 deaths, although Spain only remains about 3,000 cases less than the Italian total and accumulates 46,252 deaths.

Argentina, the second country with the most cases in Latin America, adds 1.45 million infected and 39,512 deaths.

Colombia is also over a million cases, with 1.35 million positives and 37,467 fatalities; Germany, with 1.15 million and 18,577 deaths; Mexico, which records 1.15 million positives and 108,863 deaths; Poland, with 1.04 million infected and 19,359 fatalities, and Iran, which exceeds one million positives with 49,695 deaths.

Still below one million, Peru has 967,075 people with coronavirus and 36,076 deaths, ahead of the 808,828 infected and the 13,867 deaths registered in Ukraine. South Africa, the country most affected in Africa by the pandemic, has 805,804 infected and 21,963 deaths.

For its part, Turkey accumulates 765,997 cases of COVID-19 with 14,509 deaths, while Belgium –587,439 positives and 17,142 deaths–, Indonesia –563,680 cases and 17,479 deaths–, Iraq –560,622 infections and 12,387 deaths– , Chile –557,135 cases and 15,558 deaths–, the Netherlands –553,040 infections and 9,704 deaths– and the Czech Republic –542,406 cases and 8,738 deaths– and Romania –500,273 cases and 12,052 infections– also figure above from the threshold of half a million.

With more than 400,000 positive Bangladesh, with 473,991 infected and 6,772 fatalities; The Philippines, with 436,345 cases and 8,509 deaths; Pakistan, with 413,191 positives and 8,303 deaths, and Canada, with 406,189 positives and 12,519 deaths.

Already in the arc of 300,000 infections are Morocco (372,620), Saudi Arabia (358,336), Switzerland (344,497), Israel (342,101), and Portugal (312,553), while in the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are Austria (297,245), Sweden (278,912), Nepal (238,861), Hungary (238,056), Jordan (234,353), and Serbia (206,940)

Above 100,000 positives are Ecuador (196,482); Kazakhstan (178,378); United Arab Emirates (174,062); Panama (173,607); Bulgaria (158,807), Japan (158,408); Georgia (152,704); Dominican Republic (146,680); Bolivia (145,325); Kuwait (143,917); Costa Rica (143,685); Belarus (143,383); Croatia (143,370); Armenia (139,692); Qatar (139,643); Azerbaijan (138,000); Lebanon (134,295); Guatemala (124,805); Oman (124,329); Egypt (117,583); Moldova (113,829); Slovakia (113,392); Greece (113,185); Ethiopia (112,091); Honduras (109,760), Venezuela (103,877) and Tunisia (101,900)

China, the country where the pandemic originated, has 93,348 infected and 4,746 fatalities.

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