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California certifies their votes and officially gives a majority to Biden at the electoral college

Trump’s campaign has raised more than $ 200 million for his judicial fight

California has certified this Friday the votes of the US general elections of last November 3 and has appointed the 55 delegates of the electoral college who will support Biden, which means that the Democratic candidate already has officially the necessary votes to be president.

The Electoral College will meet on December 14 to select the new president and, after the certification of the results of this state, Biden has exceeded the threshold of 270 voters who will vote in his favor, waiting for other states where he won in elections such as New Jersey, Colorado and Hawaii also carry out this procedure.

At the state level, the difference in votes between Biden and the current president and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, already exceeds seven million votes in favor of the former, which has not prevented the latter from continuing a judicial career plagued with defeats to demonstrate a alleged fraud of which he has shown no evidence.

To finance this dispute in the courts, the Trump campaign has been asking its supporters for donations since the day of the elections and, according to federal records accessed by media such as CNN, they would have raised 207 million dollars (170.76 million approximately euros) for this purpose.

Of this amount, the campaign would have used to date 8.8 million dollars (7.2 million euros) to ask for accounts, among which would be 2.2 million dollars (1.8 million euros) paid to lawyers .

Donald Trump’s procedural strategy remains unsuccessful and this Friday he lost lawsuits in the states of Minnesota, Georgia and Nevada that sought to organize new counts or conduct audits of the process, according to the US agency Bloomberg.

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