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Trump continues with his purge and fires the head of cybersecurity for not endorsing electoral fraud theories

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Tuesday fired Chris Krebs, director of the Cybersecurity Agency of the Department of Security, after he failed to support the unfounded claims of electoral fraud during the recent presidential elections.

“Chris Krebs’ recent statements on the security of the 2020 elections were very inaccurate, as there was massive fraud and irregularities, including the votes of people who had died,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account.

“Therefore, with immediate effect, Chris Krebs has been fired as director of the Infrastructure Security and Cybersecurity Agency,” he announced.

Hours before his dismissal, Krebs also used Twitter to dismiss these theories about an alleged fraud since such “claims are unfounded or technically incoherent.”

Shortly after knowing his dismissal, he wrote on the same social network, “honored to serve. We did well. Defend today, secure the future.”

The still president of the United States has been, as usual, very active in his social networks and this time he has used his Twitter account again to insist on the alleged plot that would have been orchestrated against him to prevent his stay four more years in the White House.

Trump has justified the firing of Krebs by claiming that his statements ruling out these irregularities do not agree with the other events that occurred during the election day of November 3, such as the electoral guards expelled from the polling places, “failures” in the voting machines. vote that “they changed” the votes in his favor to give them to Biden, “untimely votes and much more.”

“The only certainty about our 2020 elections is that they were practically impenetrable to foreign powers. In that, the Trump Administration has great credit. Unfortunately, the Democrats of the Radical Left, Dominion and others, were perhaps more successful!” , has finished.

As has become customary in recent weeks, the latest string of messages from Trump have been signaled by the social network Twitter with a warning that these claims about alleged electoral fraud are “controversial.”

Krebs is the latest Trump Administration official to be fired immediately after the election. Last week, the still president of the United States also used Twitter to fire Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, whose resignation brought with it several resignations presented by senior Pentagon officials.

Some US media, citing officials from the Trump Administration itself, have advanced that after Esper’s dismissal, the president of the United States would have targeted the top officials of the FBI and the CIA, Christopher Wray and Gina Haspel, respectively.

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