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Piñera urges Trump to “lose with nobility” and acknowledge his defeat in the presidential elections

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has suggested that his US counterpart, Donald Trump, should “lose with nobility” and acknowledge the victory of his rival, Joe Biden, in the November 3 presidential election.

Piñera, who has already publicly congratulated Biden on his election results and his status as “future president of the United States”, stated on Wednesday that “institutions, democracy and the rule of law have to be respected” at all levels. .

In this sense, during an interview with several radio stations coinciding with his visit to southern Chile, the Chilean president wanted to send a “message” to Trump to warn him that the likelihood that all the judicial appeals presented will prosper and that he will turn around the result is “very low”, according to the newspaper ‘El Mercurio’.

The Chilean president trusts in the “spirit of democracy” and that there may be “a transition according to what corresponds to a democracy”, since a “traumatic transition” would affect the whole world. “In democracy you have to know how to win gracefully and you also have to know how to lose with nobility,” he added.

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