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Biden: “It is time to heal America”

The president-elect has assured that he understands the “disappointment of Trump” for losing

The coronavirus and economic reconstruction, the priorities of your Government

The president-elect of the United States, according to media projections, Joe Biden, said this Saturday that “it is time to heal the United States” in his first speech after being projected as the winner of the elections.

“I am a president who does not see red and blue states, sees the United States,” said Biden, alluding to the colors of the two main parties – Republican red and Democratic blue – and his desire to end the polarization that affects the United States. country.

In this first speech after the main media in the country announced his victory after several days of recount, Biden has launched a message of concord and has urged his rival the Republican candidate Donald Trump to meet for the transition of power.

“I understand your disappointment, I’ve lost a couple of times, but let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to put the anger aside, see each other and make progress,” he said.

Biden has repeated that he will “listen to scientists” when designing a strategy to end the pandemic in the country, the most affected in the world, and that on Monday he will announce the members of an advisory committee on this matter in which It will be supported during the transition period that will end on January 20.

The president-elect has stressed that the Americans have chosen him to “heal” the country and stressed that he will work so that everyone “has a chance.”

The Democratic candidate has boasted of having reached the presidency supported by the “most diverse” coalition in history and, after citing numerous groups, has raised his voice to refer to the African-American community.

“Too many dreams have been postponed for a long time. No matter the race, the disease, the gender, their identity, this is a time in which we will make the decision of who we are!”, He exclaimed before assuring that he will work to end it. systemic racism in the country.

Other political priorities that he has highlighted have been the fight against climate change, the economic recovery after the pandemic, support for science and ensuring access to healthcare.

In addition, Biden has influenced his speech that “the world is looking at the United States” and has ensured that during his tenure the country “will not lead with examples of its power, but with the power of its example.”

Biden will be the 46th president of the United States after defeating Republican Donald Trump in the presidential elections in an election marked by the slow recount that has had the country in suspense since Tuesday.

However, Trump has not yet granted the presidency and, after learning of Biden’s victory, has assured on Twitter that he won the election with the highest number of votes obtained by a president in office. The Republican candidate has denounced irregularities in the process in recent days that he has not been able to prove at any time.

While waiting for the winner to be determined in various states and the count completely finished, Biden has won the election with 74.5 million votes compared to 70.3 million for Donald Trump, according to CNN.

The next date marked in red on Biden’s calendar is December 14 when the state-elected electoral college commissioners will formally elect the president.

After this, the electoral college certificate will reach the Senate on January 6 and a recount will be made and the vice president, Mike Pence, will make another formal proclamation of the winners of the elections who will receive their powers on January 20, 2020 at the ceremony investiture.

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