Biden caresses the Presidency after maintaining his advantage during the last hours in the states in contention

The Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Joe Biden, is this Saturday even closer to winning the elections by maintaining his advantage over his rival and current president, Donald Trump, after the last vote remittances in four of the five states that they are in contention.

The current tally gives Biden 253 electoral votes – Fox News, which has given him Arizona, puts him at 264 -, 17 votes out of the 270 needed for the final victory.

According to the latest estimates, Biden holds an advantage of 7,248 votes in Georgia, a state that gives him 16 electoral votes, and leads even more comfortably other states in dispute: Nevada (6 electoral votes, +22,567), Arizona (11 electoral votes, +29,861) and, above all, Pennsylvania (+28,833), a state that grants 20 electoral votes that would grant it the final victory without waiting for what happens in the rest of the scenarios

A victory in Georgia would put Biden just one electoral vote away. The vote there, however, will be headed for a recount, anyway, since the final results likely won’t give Biden the difference he needs to win outright.

A last “safer” option would be for Biden to win in Nevada and see his victory ratified in Arizona, which would give him the desired 270 electoral votes.

The fifth state is North Carolina, where Trump leads by 76,515 votes difference. If the state wins, the president would take 15 additional electoral votes that would be added to the 214 already obtained, up to 229, far from the desired amount.

In this scenario, Biden has assured this Friday that the numbers are “clear” and that he is on the way to winning the presidential election, but he has asked his voters for calm and confidence in democracy until the end of the vote count.

“We are going to win this race with a large part of the nation behind us,” Biden said, and then asked for confidence in the electoral process of recount and ensure that “democracy works.”

Biden has said goodbye to his voters assuring them that he hopes to speak to them tomorrow and has indicated that the first thing he will do if he assumes the presidency is to implement his plan against the coronavirus.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has insisted this Friday on requesting “full transparency” in the process of counting the votes cast for the country’s elections, while justifying that he does so by “the integrity of the electoral process.” .

“We believe that the American people deserve to have full transparency in all electoral counting and certification, and this is not just for a single election,” he said in a statement released through his campaign on the social network Twitter.

Thus, he reiterated the idea that he raised this Thursday on “legal” and “illegal” votes and emphasized that “all legal votes must be counted and illegal ones not”, stating that “however, we have encountered resistance to this basic principle on the part of the Democrats at all times. “

For this reason, the possibility of going to the Supreme Court has slipped. “We will continue this process in all aspects of the law to ensure that the American people have confidence in our government,” he concluded.


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