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The pandemic reaches its global ceiling of daily infections with more than 565,000 cases in 24 hours

The US breaks a record with 90,000 new cases and exceeds 9 million infected

The coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has registered in the last 24 hours its daily record of cases in its entire historical series, with 565,797 infections in the last 24 hours and brings the total to more than 45.6 million people infected and 1.18 million fatalities, according to the balance updated this Saturday by Johns Hopkins University.

In total, 45,608,024 people have contracted the virus, of which more than half are in the three most affected countries – the United States, India and Brazil – while the fatalities are already 1,189,139.

In terms of recoveries, 29.6 million people have already managed to overcome COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus. India tops the list, with more than 7.43 million cured patients.

The United States continues to be the country most affected by the pandemic worldwide, with more than nine million infected people and 229,708 fatalities, after breaking the daily record of infections with more than 90,000 new cases since the previous balance.

India, for its part, already exceeds 8 million infected people with 121,641 fatalities, followed by Brazil, with 5.51 million infected and 159,477 deaths.

In the fourth position, Russia accumulates 1.58 million cases and 27,462 deaths. The fifth place is occupied by France, with more than 1.37 million cases and 36,605 deaths.

For its part, Spain remains the sixth country hardest hit by the pandemic, with 1.18 million cases and 35,878 deaths. In Argentina there are 1.15 million infected people and 30,792 fatalities.

It is followed by Colombia, which accounts for 1.05 million infected and 31,421 deaths and the United Kingdom accumulates 992,874 cases and 46,319 deaths.

The balance of the pandemic in Mexico stands at 918,811 cases and 91,289 fatalities. Next, Peru counts 897,594 infected people and 34,362 deaths. South Africa, the country most affected by the pandemic in the entire African continent, registers 723,682 cases and 19,230 deaths.

Italy is already close to 650,000 infections, with a total of 647,674 infected people and 38,122 deaths. Iran has also exceeded the barrier of 600,000 cases, with 604,952 infections and 34,478 fatalities, ahead of Germany, with 527,916 cases and 10,462 deaths, and Chile, which accumulates 508,571 infections and 14,158 deaths.

With more than 400,000 positives are Iraq, with 470,633 positives and 10,862 fatalities; Belgium, with 412,314 cases and 11,452 deaths, Indonesia, which accounts for 406,945 cases and 13,782 deaths from COVID-19; and Bangladesh, with 406,364 infections and 5,905 deaths.

Already in the range of 300,000 infections are Ukraine (399,024); Philippines (378,933); Turkey (373,154); Netherlands (347,801), Saudi Arabia (346,880); Poland (340,834); Pakistan (332,993); Czech Republic (323,673) and Israel (313,701).

In the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are Romania (235,586), Canada (234,939), and Morocco (215,294).

Above the 100,000 positives are Nepal (168,235), Ecuador (167,147); Switzerland (154,251); Bolivia (141,631); Portugal (137,272); Panama (132,867), Qatar (132,343); United Arab Emirates (131,508); Dominican Republic (126,332); Kuwait (125,337); Sweden (124,355); Oman (114,434); Kazakhstan (111,953); Costa Rica (108,866); Egypt (107,376); Guatemala (107,339); and Japan (100,153).

China, the country where the pandemic originated, has 91,339 infected and 4,739 fatalities.

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