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The coronavirus pandemic exceeds 43 million cases with 1.15 million deaths

The US registers more than 60,000 positives in the last 24 hours and France has more than 45,000

The coronavirus pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan has registered more than 377,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to more than 43 million infected people and 1.15 million fatalities, according to the balance published this Monday by Johns Hopkins University.

In total, 43,038,798 people have contracted the virus, of which more than half are in the three most affected countries – the United States, India and Brazil – while the fatalities are already 1,154,242.

In terms of recoveries, more than 28.9 million people have already managed to overcome COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus. India tops the list, with more than 7.13 million cured patients.

The United States continues to be the country most affected worldwide by the pandemic, with 8.63 million infected people and 225,230 fatalities, after adding more than 60.0 new cases from the previous balance.

India, for its part, accumulates 7.9 million infected people and 119,014 fatalities after counting more than 45,000 positives in the last day. In third position, Brazil registers 5.39 million infected and 157,134 deaths.

In the fourth position, Russia accumulates 1.52 million cases and 26,092 deaths after registering more than 16,000 cases in the last day. The fifth place is occupied by France, with more than 1.13 million cases and 34,673 deaths after adding more than 45,000 positives.

For its part, Argentina adds more than 9,000 new cases and reaches a total of 1.09 million infections and 28,896 deaths, compared to the 1.04 million cases and 34,752 deaths recorded in Spain, waiting for the Ministry of Spanish health update the data this Monday. Colombia exceeds one million positives, with 1,015,885 infected people and 30,000 deaths.

For its part, Mexico has 891,160 cases and 88,924 deaths, while Peru has 888,715 infected and 34,149 deaths. The United Kingdom registers 876,840 positives and 44,986 deaths. Next, South Africa, the country most affected by the pandemic in the entire African continent, registers 715,868 infections and 18,968 deaths.

Over 500,000 cases, Iran registers 568,896 infected people and 32,616 deaths. Italy is left with 525,782 cases and 37,338 fatalities, ahead of Chile, which accumulates 502,063 infections and 13,944 deaths; Iraq, with 451,707 infected and 10,623 fatalities; and Germany, which has 443,189 positives and 10,062 deaths from COVID-19.

Already in the range of 300,000 infections are Bangladesh, with 398,815 cases and 5,803 deaths; Indonesia, with 389,712 infected and 13,299 dead; The Philippines, with 370,028 infected people and 6,977 deaths; Turkey, with 361,801 infections and 9,799 deaths; Ukraine, with 359,348 infected and 6,641 dead; Saudi Arabia, with 344,875 people with coronavirus and 5,296 fatalities; Pakistan, with 328,602 infected and 6,739 dead; Belgium, with 321,031 cases and 10,810 deaths; and Israel, 310,148 infected and 2,397 deaths.

In the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are the Netherlands (297,466), Czech Republic (258,097), Poland (253,688), Canada (218,874) and Romania (209,648).

Above 100,000 positives are Morocco (197,481), Ecuador (161,635), Nepal (158,089), Bolivia (140,853), Qatar (131,170), Panama (129,200), United Arab Emirates (125,123), Dominican Republic (124,527) , Kuwait (121,365), Portugal (118,686), Oman (112,932), Sweden (110,594), Kazakhstan (110,542), Egypt (106,540), Guatemala (104,787), Switzerland (103,653) and Costa Rica (103,088).

China, the country where the pandemic originated, counts 91,151 infected and 4,739 fatalities.

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