Xi Jinping lashes out at the US and condemns its “unilateralism and extreme selfishness”

Chinese President Xi Jinping attacked the United States on Friday and condemned the “unilateralism and extreme selfishness” of the North American country.

In a speech delivered on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of China’s entry into the Korean War, the president recalled that the war was a “war against US aggression.”

Thus, he has clarified that Beijing’s aid to North Korea was trying to confront a coalition led by Washington, according to information from the Xinhua news agency. “In today’s world, the fight for unilateralism, protectionism and selfishness leads to nothing,” Xi said.

In this sense, he has insisted that “arrogance and acts of hegemony do not lead to anything.” “Neither is harassment,” he said.

Xi’s words come at a time of tension in the framework of relations with the United States, which has exchanged accusations on numerous matters. Beijing, for its part, remains Pyongyang’s biggest diplomatic ally and an important trading partner.


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