Trump uses fake news from a satirical website to accuse Twitter of censorship

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused this Friday the social network Twitter of censoring negative news about his Democratic rival in the November elections, Joe Biden, through a message that the president has published from a news item fake from a satirical portal.

In the message, published precisely on his Twitter account, Trump picks up an article from the portal ‘The Babylon Bee’, which is described as “the best satire page in the world” and is identified as such in his own account on this social network .

The article, titled “Twitter closes the entire network to slow down the dissemination of negative news from Biden”, refers to the service error that the social network registered this past Thursday at a global level, hours before the appearance of both candidates in two colloquia separate and simultaneous.

In it, those responsible for the portal joke with fictitious situations such as one in which the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, breaks the network’s servers with an ax to prevent the dissemination of information.

Despite this, Trump has commented on the information anyway. “Wow, this had never happened in all of history,” the president wrote. “This includes the really bad interview (Biden) gave last night. Why is Twitter doing this? More attention needs to be drawn to ‘Sleepy Joe,’ Trump has written, using the pejorative nickname he often uses. describe your opponent.

The president redoubled his criticism of his opponent in a second message, in which he assures that Biden exhibited a “very bad performance last night” during the colloquium he held in Philadelphia, before denouncing the moderator, journalist George Stephanopoulos, of ” do not ask him any questions about corruption “, in relation to the controversy in which the son of the Democratic candidate, Hunter Biden, is involved, about his interests in Ukraine.

Twitter and Facebook decided to limit the scope of the latest information on the son of the Democratic candidate, published by ‘The New York Post’ from a computer incursion to the computer of the affected, to prevent the dissemination of data obtained illegally. “Big technology companies and the media are working hard to hide all this corruption !!!”, Trump concluded.


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