Dominican Republic receives 264,229 tourists in September

The president of the JAC projects the visit of 317,000 travelers on commercial flights this month.

Santo Domingo.- “The Dominican Republic began to regain its leadership as a Caribbean tourist destination,” said the president of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) José Marte Piantini, who has revealed the entry into the country of 264,229 passengers through airports Dominicans, only last September.

Marte Piantini projected an increase in tourist flow and flights for the remainder of this month of October.

The official estimates the entry into the country of at least 50,000 and 60,000 more people to add 317,000 travelers on commercial flights. Airlines and tourists have regained confidence in the Dominican Republic as the best tourist destination in the Caribbean area.

On the agenda of the ordinary meeting of the JAC, Marte Piantini explained that the authorization of the new Newark / Punta Cana / Newark route to the JetBlue airline was also approved, which will be operated from November 19 next with a frequency of four flights a week and in the month of January 2021 it plans to operate a daily flight.

“In addition, at today’s meeting we are approving 281 operations, of which 35 are ratifications and 246 are new; so it is evident that both airlines and tourists have regained confidence in the Dominican Republic as a destination, after the health and security measures applied by the government of President Luís Abinader, ”said Marte Piantini.

Last August the arrival of passengers by air was reduced by 78% in relation to the same period of 2019, while last September there was a decrease of 69%, which reveals a recovery of passenger traffic of 9 points in September, compared to the previous month of August.

“This means that within the pandemic we have a slight rebound in air traffic,” explained the president of the JAC.

“In countries such as Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Colombia and others, only this month have air services resumed, so in these coming months we would be significantly increasing traffic to and from these destinations. The Dominican Republic is ready! ”Exclaimed the official.


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