Netflix shows the premieres of the next twelve months

Netflix has introduced a new tab in the version for televisions that shows the content ‘New and popular’, and that collects the titles that will be released on the platform in the next twelve months.

‘New and Popular’ is the tab that Netflix has just integrated into connected televisions around the world. In it, users can consult the contents that are grouped into ‘News’, ‘Coming soon’, ‘The 10 main titles’ and, as a novelty, another section that can be translated as ‘Worth the wait’.

‘Worth the wait’ will show users a preview of the programs that will be released on the platform in a period of between 15 and 365 days, that is, the contents that will arrive in the next twelve months. As reported in Variety, users will be able to set reminders for those movies and series in which they are interested.

This new tab, with the section ‘It is worth the wait’, is available from Monday globally on connected televisions, and the company hopes to bring it to the web version of its platform by the end of the year.

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