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Telegram protects group admins with Batman mode anonymity

The instant messaging application Telegram has introduced a number of new features in its latest update, including search filters, anonymous administrators, and channel comments.

The new search filters feature allows users to search for what they want based on type, be it media, links, files, music, voice memos or chats.

Users will also be able to search in a specific period of time, they will only have to write the date they want, such as “August 14” or “Yesterday”, in the search engine, as well as search according to the source, writing the name of anyone , group, channel or bot.

All these search filters can also be combined, allowing you to search for things in a more specific way, according to Telegram on its website.

Another function that Telegram has added is that of anonymous administrators in groups. To do this, users will have to select ‘Be anonymous’ in the administrator permissions to activate the ‘Batman’ mode and be hidden in the list of chat members.

This novelty is focused on protecting people in the protests, since, in addition to hiding their identity, the messages they publish will appear with the group’s signature.

Telegram has also added a button to comment on channel posts. These comments will appear in their own thread that will reach the group conversation to keep everyone up to date.

Users will be able to test the channel comments feature on a limited basis by selecting ‘Channel Settings’ and then ‘Conversations’. Also, the app has introduced more animated emojis.

For Telegram users with Android operating system, the application has new animations, as well as the function of displaying or hiding the keyboard, changing day and night themes and seeing animated pop-up windows when they delete messages or change notifications, among other things. .

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