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Taliban say they will not accept a ceasefire until the causes of the war are discussed

Mohamad Naeem, spokesman for the Afghan Taliban in Doha, has assured that the fundamentalist movement founded by Mullah Mohamed Omar will not accept a ceasefire until the causes of the war are addressed in the peace talks in Qatar, as reported the Tolo television network.

The spokesman has assured that the Taliban militiamen have already reduced the level of violence coinciding with the holding of the preliminary round of peace talks in the Qatari capital. In addition, he has denounced that the Afghan government has not stopped its offensive operations against the Taliban.

“It makes no sense to end 20 years of war in one hour. From our perspective, it would be logical to discuss the main aspects of the problems and the war and then close a ceasefire so that the problem is resolved permanently,” he said. stated the Taliban spokesman.

“Suppose we announced a ceasefire today, but then we don’t get an agreement at the negotiating table tomorrow. Are we going to war again? What would this mean?” Naeem has ensured that the Taliban want an Islamic system to be established in Afghanistan that reflects the values ​​of the people.

“One of our goals was to put an end to the invasion of Afghanistan. The other was to have a true Islamic system that is accountable to the people and the country,” he said. The Taliban spokesman has indicated that the peace talks will have ups and downs but has been convinced of the good end result of the dialogue.

“We have entered the peace process with strong will and determination. We want this problem to be finally resolved. The process is complicated and has its own complexities, but please confirm that the problems end,” he concluded.

The dialogue process between the Afghan government and the Taliban began on August 12 after several months of delay due to difficulties in completing the exchange of detainees contemplated by the Doha peace agreement, signed by the Taliban with the United States. without the participation of the Kabul Executive.

The process has started without a ceasefire having been agreed to facilitate talks. Since the signing of the Doha peace agreement with the United States on February 29, the Taliban have not only not stopped their attacks on government security forces but have increased them.

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