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Walmart tries to give the option of choosing drones to distribute the orders

The American ‘retail’ chain Walmart has started a pilot project with which it allows its customers who place orders online to select the option of receiving them by air via drones.

These delivery drones, designed by the Flytrex company, work automatically and are capable of delivering orders directly to the end consumer, as Walmart reported in a statement.

Flytrex drones are controlled directly via the cloud, with a new dashboard spanning from pickup to packaging to shipping. Users who try this type of drone delivery will be able to use the Flytrex app.

Other ‘retail’ chains already have projects for the distribution of orders to remote areas through drones, as is the case of Amazon, which has a system that aims to deliver packages by air in 30 minutes or less and now It has the approval of the US aviation authority, according to CBS News.

In the case of Walmart, at the moment it is a pilot project that is being developed in Fayetteville (United States) and focuses on distributing basic food and household supermarket products

The US company has acknowledged that “there is still some time for us to see millions of packages distributed by drones”, but through experimental projects such as yours it seeks to learn more about the technology already available.

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