The Dominican Republic prepares a Tourism Recovery Plan in which it will invest 23.6 million

As of September 15, foreign visitors will have a protection plan and free assistance

The Dominican Republic finalizes the details prior to the entry into force of the new provisions and health protocols of the Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan, ready to be implemented as of September 15.

This plan is associated with a public investment of 28 million dollars (23.6 million euros) by the Dominican Government, which will also allocate 7.1 million dollars (almost 6 million euros) to programs to guarantee air routes through of agreements with airlines.

The country’s Ministry of Tourism has been working with the private sector, health authorities and other sectors in the implementation of hospitals located in the main tourist centers of the country, verifying the availability of beds and their conditions, in order to ensure the logistics for the management of potential visitors infected and with symptoms of COVID-19.

As of the entry into force of the new announced plan, tourists arriving in the Dominican Republic will no longer need to present a negative PCR test performed prior to entering the country. Instead, non-invasive random tests will be performed, using breath for diagnosis.

In addition, foreign visitors who enter the country from September 15 to December 31, 2020 will have a traveler assistance plan delivered at the time of check-in at the hotel, which will cover a possible contagion of COVID-19.

In addition, the Dominican Ministry of Public Health will begin on September 15 the publication of a report on the situation of contagions and lethality of COVID-19 specialized for tourist centers, which present a very controlled situation to date.

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