Three days after the ‘back to school’ in France there are already 22 schools and a hundred closed classes

At least 22 schools and a hundred classes have had to close until this Friday, just three days after the ‘back to school’ in France, due to the detection of COVID-19 cases, as revealed by the Minister of Education , Jean-Michel Blanquer.

“In the metropolis there are twelve closed centers today, in La Réunion there are ten. In total, there are 22”, the minister has indicated in an interview with Europe 1, specifying that there are also “a hundred” closed classes. Blanquer has considered that the data is low considering that in France there are a total of 60,000 educational centers.

According to the minister, “every day 250 protocols are activated for suspected cases.” When this occurs, the student or teacher is “immediately isolated” and asked to stay home. Next, the contacts are located and tests are carried out, he specified.

“More than three cases of COVID-19 generally trigger the closure of the structure” although “each case is particular,” Blanquer said, clarifying that distance learning is immediately proposed below.

France on Thursday exceeded the threshold of 300,000 cases of COVID-19, after registering in the last 24 hours a level of infections exceeding 7,100. In addition, the French authorities also registered 21 more deaths, which places the total number of fatalities at 30,706 since the start of the pandemic. The Government has made the use of a mask mandatory for students over 11 years of age and teaching staff.


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