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Grisel Sánchez was chosen as coordinator

New York.- The renowned leader of non-governmental organizations in the Dominican Republic, Grisel Sánchez, was selected as liaison-coordinator of the “Dominican Coalition with Biden” and the community of North American citizens living in the country, which exceed 300 thousand .

The “Dominican Coalition with Biden”, led by the State Representative of Pennsylvania, Danilo Burgos, a Dominican who represents us with dignity, the political leader Liliam Soriano de Banner, national coordinator, Esteban Cabrera, operational director, among many other leaders, is a powerful confederation of Dominican leaders scattered in 20 states to date, who have organized to seek rapprochement between the Joe Biden campaign, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party and the Dominican community.

Grisel Sánchez is responsible for helping North American citizens living in the Dominican Republic, keeping them informed, helping those who are not yet registered in the Democratic Party to do so and collaborating from the “Dominican Coalition with Biden” with the affiliate of the Democratic Party registered in the country. The community of North American citizens residing in the DR exceeds 300 thousand.

Grisel Sánchez is president of the “Alas de Mariposas” Foundation, aimed at working with children and the elderly, president of the Community Social Platform (PLASCO), a community organization that is characterized by working hand in hand with the community. She is also vice president of the National Institute for the Training of Sign Language Interpreters (INFOILES).

In her social-community activism, Lic. Grisel Sánchez has more than 15 years working for and for the well-being of the people in the Dominican Republic, she has obtained great awards, including Boston, delivering the key to the city, USA. For their selfless support and hard work in the communities of the DR.

Mrs. Sánchez and her collaborators in the country immediately begin the work of registering and requesting a ballot so that registered citizens can exercise the right to vote on November 3, 2020.

The Dominican Coalition with Biden shares the desire of the Democratic Party to consolidate the vote in the country and then become managers so that benefits are extended to US citizens residing in the Dominican Republic.

The Democratic Party is closely linked to the Dominican people and its leaders have reached hundreds of seats in various counties as elected officials, from councilors, state representatives, mayors, government positions, in the diplomatic corps and even as a congressman on Capitol Hill, we have to Adriano Espaillat. Also prominent figures such as Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón, current deputy director of the Finance Committee of the Democratic Party, and as if all this were not enough, we have our brand new Tom Pérez, a Dominican of pure strain, who is the current president of the Democratic Party based in Washington , DC. #CoalicionDominicanaConBiden

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