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Dominican Republic presents a health security plan for the recovery of tourism

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, announced in Santo Domingo a set of initiatives to address the challenges facing the country’s tourism sector as a result of the current pandemic and thus ensure that the country is a safe travel destination.

The Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan for COVID-19 will help protect the health, well-being and safety of tourists and will also promote a sustainable recovery of the tourism sector.

“Our goal is to minimize the effects of the pandemic and promote a responsible recovery that prioritizes health, maximizes the potential for job creation and economic growth, and encourages the sector to continue to develop in a sustainable way,” said the president.

The plan presented by the Government of the Dominican Republic provides for a set of measures to guarantee the health and safety of Dominican and foreign tourists. These measures will include new internationally certified sanitary protocols and will cover the entire industry, including restaurants and bars.

The measures include random tests for rapid application upon arrival in the country, such as the breath test for the diagnosis of COVID-19. Once this measure has been entered, the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test carried out prior to the visit, which is in force until then, will be eliminated.

In addition, the use of masks and social distancing will be mandatory during the stay in the country.

As of the last days of September, all tourists visiting a hotel will be temporarily granted a travel assistance plan that will include emergency coverage, telemedicine services, long-stay accommodation and flight change costs before the occurrence of a COVID-19 contagion. This insurance will be provided at no cost to the visitor until December 2020, covered 100% by the Dominican State.

An ‘Occupational Health Bubble’ will be implemented to ensure that hotel employees remain within their facilities for as long as possible. Labor regulations are in the process of being adapted to minimize and mitigate risks for employees.

This protocol is currently in the process of certification by both Safe Travels of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Buró Veritas. The Dominican Government will control the impact and effectiveness of the initiatives, adjusting when necessary.

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