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Luis Abinader swears in as president of the Dominican Republic at the beginning of a new political era

Luis Abinader was sworn in this Sunday as the new president of the Dominican Republic, during a ceremony that marks the end of 16 years of the Dominican Liberation Party in the Caribbean nation.

“I swear before God and before the people, for the country and for my honor, to comply with and enforce the constitution and the laws of the republic, protect and defend its independence, respect the rights and freedoms of citizens, and faithfully comply with the duties of my office, “proclaimed Abinader, tipped and with a mask, before the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella.

Minutes before, Abinader had made an appearance in the National Congress with a “feeling of humility and respect for the responsibility that will be delegated to me,” he made known on his Twitter account during a chain of messages that ended with the slogan of his campaign : “We are changing.”

Abinader won the presidential elections in July in the first round, as the candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party after beating the ruling party Gonzalo Castillo with 52.52 percent of the vote compared to 37.46 percent for Castillo.

This transfer of powers puts an end to the mandate of Danilo Medina and will inaugurate that of Abinader, who was imposed in the first round in the elections held at the beginning of July and is called to lead the Dominican Republic until 2024.

The Dominican authorities have organized the events taking into account social distancing measures to prevent coronavirus infections. At least 83,488 people have tested positive in the Dominican Republic, in the framework of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of 1,409 patients to date.

The Spanish Government is represented by the Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya.

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