Puerto Rico ends its primary elections this Sunday

The primary elections in Puerto Rico, which were suspended last week due to problems in several constituencies, will end this Sunday, as the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, which clarified that the votes already cast are valid and will be counted.

During the last hours, the candidates for the governorship have tried to squeeze the maximum time in the face of the reopening of the polling stations in the Caribbean territory and have stressed that they expect more voters this week.

For their part, the mayors of several Puerto Rican towns have expressed in turn that they feel more “optimistic” and “prepared” during this second election day, according to information from the newspaper ‘Primera Hora’.

As they have explained, the discontent caused by the failed attempt to hold the primaries in some areas will make voters now go “en masse” to the polls.

The Electoral Commission (CEE) suspended the August 9 elections because most of the voting centers had not received the necessary material. Some were closed for eight hours.

The EEC and the main political parties of Puerto Rico agreed that where the voting had begun it would continue until the scheduled time and that the centers where the voting had not started at noon would be closed.

Four candidates and one individual presented complaints to the Electoral Commission, which resolved that the primaries be held on Sunday in the constituencies where it was not possible the previous week and the votes already cast will be kept in sealed ballot boxes that will be counted with the other votes one once the election day is over.

“We hope that, in the name of democracy, there will be no more failures, inefficiencies, errors or delays. Any other result or deviation would be clearly unacceptable,” the high court said.

The primary elections in the Caribbean territory were scheduled for June but were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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